The right of the slave (mawla) whom you have favoured [by freeing him] is that you know that God has made your freeing him a means of access to Him and a veil against the Fire. Your immediate reward is to inherit from him- if he does not have any maternal relatives- as a compensation for the property you have spent for him, and your ultimate reward is the Garden.

وأما حق مولاك الذي أنعمت عليه فأن تعلم أن الله عز وجل جعل عتقك له وسيلة إليه وحجابا لك من النار، وأن ثوابك في العاجل ميراثه، إذا لم يكن له رحم مكافأة بما أنفقت من مالك، وفى الأجل الجنة