The right of your property (mal) is that you take it only from what is lawful and you spend it only in what is proper. Through it you should not prefer above yourself those who will not praise you. You should act with it in obedience to your Lord and not be miserly with it, lest you fall back into regret and remorse while suffering the ill consequence. And there is no strength save in God.

وأما حق مالك فأن لا تأخذه إلا من حله، ولا تنفقه إلا في وجهه، ولا تؤثر به على نفسك من لا يحمدك، فاعمل فيه بطاعة ربك ولا تبخل به فتبوء بالحسرة و الندامة مع التبعة ولا قوة إلا بالله